Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming Soon: Infinite Mercy

 This blog has lain dormant for a couple of years.  Not because I had nothing to say, but because I could not figure out how to say it.  Having done a lot of damage through careless statements, I have been cautious about doing more.  I left things with a chapter not-quite-finished; the epilogue has shifted in my brain, back and forth a couple of times.  And meanwhile, absolutely every piece of my life has changed except one... which ironically is the one piece I had sought to change...
 I have some things to say, and they may prove valuable to someone, though I've no illusions that this blog had much of an audience even when the posts were coming with reasonable frequency.  I'm ready to talk now but it's still going to take me some time to get my thoughts in order, to figure out how to structure all this.
 The two magical things that I referenced in January of 2010 were both taken away from me.  My do-over was taken away and given to someone else; the future I lived one day in was a day in his future, not my own.  I've come to terms with the notion that I will never understand what that was all about.  And I can speak to it from a place of peace about the whole thing, from a place where something even more magical has occurred.  I will fill in the details, and I'll stop speaking in code.  But not just yet.  It's coming soon.  For the moment, I leave you with a quote that describes a magic that is available to us all.
Man, in his weakness and shortsightedness believes he must make choices in this life.
He trembles at the risks he takes.
We do know fear.
But no. Our choice is of no importance.
There comes a time when our eyes are opened and we come to realize that mercy is infinite.
We need only await it with confidence and receive it with gratitude.
Mercy imposes no conditions.
And lo! Everything we have chosen has been granted to us.
And everything we rejected has also been granted.
Yes, we even get back what we rejected.
For mercy and truth have met together, and righteousness and bliss shall kiss one another.